Our two principals
each have over
38 years contracting experience in operations and management
Each Customer gets the full service treatment whether your job is a
$10,000 project or a
$40 million project
We are your solution to increasing profits by properly managing your jobs and buying out your materials
Project Management Services
Office Phone: 8l3.200.6115                   Email: Help@tridint.com
We take VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover
Tridint lets you concentrate on the field. Let us perform the Project Management Services for your projects. We can write the letters, do the billing, purchase the quotables, advise and assist you with whatever your companies individual requirements are.
Contract Review - Project Management - Cost Reports
AIA Billings - Purchasing - Letter Writing
Tridint Construction Contractor Services is not an attorney, we are construction consultants that deal with your problems everyday of our lives. Tridint provides assistance and services to contractors and subcontractors. We provides a range of solutions for the startup contractor to the most seasoned firms. Depending on your experience level, each contractor has its own special requirements. We specialize in filling those requirements by becoming your backdoor operation, allowing you to concentrate on your field. Instead of hiring your own unknown fulltime office staff, why not save money by allowing Tridint to perform these functions.
Job Cost Reporting
We can provide your companies job cost and work in progress (WIP) reports to allow you to budget, manage and maintain the projects. These reports will greatly increase the predictability of the gross profits on each of your jobs.
Don't Sign another Contract !!!
Until Tridint Reviews it.
Contract review - $245.00
Includes a 15 minute phone meeting
after our review is complete
We help contractors with the paperwork
Call 813-200-6115 or email us at Help@tridint.com

A CSOA Company
Contract Reviews
Tridint will review your contracts and provide you a document with suggested changes to protect you and your company! After the review is complete we will discuss these changes and answer any question you may have in a contract review phone call.

Contracts 5 pages or less - $145.00                           Over 5 pages $245.00

All contracts are reviewed within 72 Business hours of receiving both the contract and a 50% deposit. Quicker reviews are available - 18% adder.
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